Tooth Erosion Treatment

Tooth erosion happens due to the acids in the foods and drinks we take, tooth decay etc. They wears away the upper coating of the teeth, called enamel. Symptoms are, if you’ve sensitive teeth, discolored teeth with yellow stains, crack lines without any physical injury. So consult Innovative Smile, Dental Clinic in Bhubaneswar.

We use dental bonding to restore worn down, chipped or discolored teeth. If you’ve lost a lot of enamel, we use crown or veneers to protect the eroded teeth and reuse it. Adults , kids or seniors can have tooth erosion.


We can’t regrow tooth enamel. But we can prevent erosion from getting worse with dental treatment and by taking care of your teeth.

What is tooth enamel?

Enamel is the thin outer layer covering of your teeth. It covers the part of the tooth that’s visible outside, known as crown. When we eat food this is the first layer of teeth to come in contact. With due course of time it is prone to wear and tear. Our body cannot repair chipped or cracked enamel. So we need to take care of them.


Main cause of tooth erosion is acids in food and drink we consume. If we don’t brush properly, these acids gather on the teeth. They wear away the enamel and teeth in due course of time. Dry mouth, teeth grinding, plaque, medications etc also cause teeth erosion.


The signs of enamel erosion can vary, depending on the stage and person. They are

  • High tooth sensitivity
  • Yellow, stained teeth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Rough edges on your teeth
  • Shiny spots on your teeth
  • Increased tooth decay


Firstly a dental check up finds the position and degree of erosion. Dental Bonding cover discolorations and protects the front teeth. Stained or damaged teeth use resin, a tooth colored dental material. Know more about dental bonding.

However a crown or veneer protect a severely damaged teeth from further decay. Know more about dental crowns.

Above all, prevention is always the best way to treat enamel erosion. Even if you already have some enamel erosion, you can still prevent it from becoming worse. Look after your teeth with good oral hygiene and regular dental check ups.

Innovative Smile organize regular FREE Dental-Check-up & Awareness Camps for kids and adults. Here professional dentists can check whether you have teeth erosion or not. So if you want to attend just register here and we will inform you.



Plaque is sticky coating over the teeth. It is a mixture of saliva, food particles, bacteria, and other substances. The bacteria in plaque changes food starches into acids. They start to eat away the tooth enamel. This causes the tooth to wear down and become pitted. Over time, the pits increase and grow in size.

Deep cleaning such as scaling, polishing help in removal of plaque and keep your teeth clean. So tooth enamel erosion chance is also less.

Is it possible to repair tooth enamel?

If you’ve lost some of your tooth enamel, there are ways to fix it. However, the best approach depends on your situation.
Tooth bonding provides protection for a damaged tooth. It can also restore worn down, chipped, or discolored teeth.
If you’ve lost a lot of that outer shell, your dentist may cover the tooth with a crown to protect it from further damage.



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