Irregular Teeth Reshaping

Teeth reshaping is done at innovative smile dental clinic for treatment of chipped teeth. Often bonding procedure is used along with teeth reshaping to change the length, shape or surface of the tooth.

As compared to braces and other orthodontic works, tooth reshaping cosmetic dental treatment is very effective for and less cost.

Dentists don’t recommend dental contouring for persons having very thin tooth enamel, due to severe tooth decay or gum disease. So consult your dentist to find if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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Teeth Contouring

To reshape or contour teeth, a dentist gently removes tooth enamel with a laser or drill. Before starting the treatment the dentist X-rays the teeth to check the location and amount of pulp. Next he or she trims misshapen areas, shortening excessively long teeth or altering badly shaped teeth to even them out for proper bite and alignment. The teeth are then smoothed and polished.

Reshaping may require just one 30-minute appointment with the dentist, depending on the extent of the work you need, and cost is low.


Combining bonding with reshaping can fill in chips and gaps between teeth, add shape and improve tooth color. Bonding involves applying a puttylike resin, which adheres to the teeth and hardens. The resin is colored to provide the best result, either to match or improve the natural tooth color.

Before applying the resin, the dentist etches the tooth surface with a Dremel-like tool so that the resin adheres well. This can cause some sensitivity, so the dentist may numb the tooth area. After applying the resin and shaping it, a light is shined against it for hardening. Bonding takes 30 minutes to an hour, and if more than one tooth is being treated, the patient may need several appointments. Dentists use bonding in place of a silver filling if a teeth needs little filling.


Reshaped and bonded teeth require good aftercare to maintain their attractive appearance. Of all dental restorations, bonded teeth are the most at risk of chipping and staining.

Patients should avoid chewing their fingernails, biting on pens, eating hard foods and opening things with their teeth to reduce the risks of chipping.

Make sure to brush with a toothpaste recommend by your dentist for teeth having dental contouring.

Smoke, coffee, tea and red wine are some substances that can stain the resin, so these should be avoided as well.


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