Dental Teeth Jewellery

n the modern era, fashion is much associated with the dentistry in terms of aesthetics. People are more aware about their teeth when it comes to smiles and beauty which results in visiting many times to dentist to make their teeth better.

Dental fashion not only attracts the youngsters, it will also giving hope to many elders. In the dental fashion world, the recent and most advancement treatment is dental jewellery. Over a short period of time, dental jewellery receives a huge response in fashion industry.

People who are looking for Dental Jewellery in Bhubaneswar are higher now days and in few dentists in Bhubaneswar are experts in fixing dental jewels. We at Innovative Smile dental centre, providers for best tooth jewellery services in Bhubaneswar for 10+ years. Expert dentists fix all varieties of jewels ornaments at affordable cost, range from Rs 1000 – 6000, depends on the type of jewellery for your teeth.

What is Dental Jewellery?

Tooth jewellery is fixing a sparkling crystal ornaments like crystal,gold, ruby or diamond into your teeth. This helps to sparkle your smile and make you stand out from the crowd. In the latest cosmetic dental treatment, tooth jewellery plays an pivot role in the emerging industry for all ages of peoples. There are wide ranges of tooth jewellery available depending on your personal preference.

Why Dental jewellery is too popular in recent days?

  • It is more affordable unless you want to fix gold or diamond ornaments
  • It is very easy to handle and no more complicated procedures.
  • It’s a pain-free cosmetic dental treatment
  • It’s not permanent and you will have a more experiment by cementing different kinds of ornaments, if not will go back to our original smile.


  • First of all, the tooth will be cleaned by a polishing paste which is fluoride-free.
  • Then the tooth should be left to dry completely.
  • Then the tooth will be etched with orthophosphoric acid (37%) for 20-30 seconds. This will increase the surface area which will be used for bonding.
  • Then the surface will be rinsed with water and will be dried for 10 seconds
  • The next process is the application of bonding agent which will be left for 20 seconds
  • Then a small amount of the composite will be placed on the surface of the tooth.
  • Then the jewel will be picked by a handler and placed in the centre of the composite.
  • The jewel will take 20 seconds to set on the tooth.
  • One should not touch the backside of jewel or else the adhesiveness of jewel will get affected.
  • In total, the jewel will take 4 minutes to affix.

Features of Dental Jewellery

  • Painless and Non-invasive
  • No hole or drilling
  • It’s a temporary smile
  • Tooth structure won’t get loss
  • No tooth preparation
  • Strain resistant
  • No extra Maintenance required

Removal of Jewel

When you feel that you want to remove the jewel from teeth, you need to plan a visit to the dentist and get them removed. One should never try to remove the jewel at home as it can badly harm your tooth.

Longevity of Tooth jewel

These jewels can last for a long time. However, few people need these jewels only for special celebrations or a specific event, and others may retain them for a lifetime.


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