Loose Teeth Treatment

A single or more loose teeth in adults whether from gum disease, injury, osteoporosis is not normal. Loose teeth hurts when you bite or eat food. Without proper treatment loose teeth needs complete removal.

Want to save your loose teeth? Consult Innovative Smile and detect the cause of your loose teeth. Proper treatment and device can strengthen and save the loose teeth from extraction.



Factors often responsible for looseness in one or more teeth are :

  • Severe gum disease, known as periodontitis. It involves inflammation and infection of the gums. Over time, this break down the bone and tissue supporting the teeth, and the teeth becomes loose.
  • Frequent clenching teeth due to stress or teeth grinding at night wear down the teeth and loosens teeth.
  • Healthy teeth are strong. However injury to the teeth due to any accident or blow to face, can loose or even damage teeth.


Loose teeth involves our dentist to find the cause. This can save one or more loose teeth with proper treatment.

Gum disease such periodontitis cause loose teeth due to plaque. Deep cleaning procedure involves teeth scaling and root planing remove plaque. Afterwards good oral hygiene habits and products protect gum from further infection.

Bone graft surgery help to rebuild none lost due to gum disease. Dental appliances, such as bite splints reduce damage from grinding and help mouth to heal after dental surgery.

Note: If a loose tooth falls out, our dentist can still restore your smile by dental bridge or dental implant.


It is not always possible to prevent a teeth from becoming loose. However, few steps can reduce the risk of loose teeth problem

  • brushing the teeth thoroughly twice a day
  • flossing once a day
  • attending dental checkups and cleanings as recommended by dentist
  • wearing a properly fitted mouth guard while playing sports
  • wearing a bite splint, when nighttime grinding or clenching is an issue

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