Looking for Multispeciality Advanced Dental Clinic?

Welcome Innovative Smile, Bhubaneswar near Khandagiri square, also have clinic chains at Phulnakhara. We dentists, oral surgeons, use latest dental tools, procedures, genuine oral products store, hence you get best dental treatments for all your oral diseases. Your regular dental check ups, our oral hygine tips always keeps your teeth, gums, mouth, healthy & beautiful.

You visit Innovativesmile for regular dental checkups, advanced & common dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, pediatric dentistry etc.. Since each and every person’s oral condition is different, we study and customize your treatment plans accordingly, at affordable price.

Easy steps for better Treatment

Patients are our first priority. We make your treatment procedure simple & Smile Brighter!

Teledentistry – How it Works?

Through teledentistry you can meet with our senior dentist virtually in order to evaluate your oral conditions, present treatment plans and plan for appointment.

Start teledentistry with a live, two-way interaction between you and our dentist via whatsapp or video call, followed by registration and appointment.


Registration form collects your dental as well as other health information. Our dentist on the basis of your information can suggest you first or second opinion, whichever is best for you.


You meet our dentist in a timely manner without waiting time. Choose  suitable date and time for appointment with our dentist. We confirm your meeting to our proper depatment as soon as possible.

Oral Health Tips

Innovativesmile plays a great role to provide your dental needs or concerns, help to educate all on great dental practices & how to maintain proper oral hygiene.


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