Seniors Missing Teeth

With age many seniors are at the risk of some or all missing teeth. The Loss of natural teeth cause receding gums, uneven jawbone, difficult in speaking, chewing foods etc. So it is essential to replace missing teeth in seniors, cosmetically like adults or children. Consult Dr. Swastik at Innovative Smile, Bhubaneswar. Whether some or all of your teeth are missing, we offer missing teeth replacement service at affordable cost.


Aging and Your Teeth

Getting older causes a good number of changes to your body. You might notice more lines on your face and skin or that you’re not able to lift as much as you once could or that it takes you little longer to get from point A to B.

Your mouth also changes as you get older, and your risk for certain conditions, such as gum disease, cavities and tooth loss, can increase. In some cases, the process of aging plays a big part in changing your teeth. In others, external forces can contribute to your dental concerns.

Losing Teeth

Tooth loss often happens with aging. While older people can lose their teeth and are more likely to have implants or dentures than young people, there’s no reason why a person must lose his or her teeth when getting older.

One reason why people are more likely to lose teeth as they age is because the teeth become less sensitive. The nerves in the teeth become smaller, and a person is less able to feel pain related to tooth decay or gum disease. Often, the condition isn’t treated until it’s too late and the tooth is beyond saving.

Luckily, it’s rather easy to prevent tooth loss by taking good care of the teeth and by seeing a dentist often. If a person does end up losing one or more teeth, the solutions available today are more convenient and more natural looking than those available in the past.

How It Impacts Senior Health

Missing teeth can have an adverse effect on a person’s oral health as well as their general health.

Jaw Bone Recession

The teeth act as an anchor for the jaw bone. Without teeth, the jaw has nothing to support. So, it slowly begins to recede. People who use full dentures for many years also face this problem. Their jaw bone – particularly the mandible, or the lower jaw – is very thin.

Jaw bone recession doesn’t just happen when people lose all their teeth. It can and will happen with one missing tooth.

The recession won’t necessarily affect the entire jaw bone, but it will affect the bone around the missing tooth. So it’s really easy for people with one missing tooth to experience bone loss and gum disease around adjacent teeth. If not properly cared for at home and with the assistance of a dental professional, the problem could escalate and more teeth could be lost.

Loss of Vital Nutrients

When a person loses a tooth, chewing becomes more difficult. The more teeth that are missing, the more difficult proper chewing becomes. So missing teeth don’t just affect the mouth – there are general health consequences as well.

Overtime, those who can’t chew their food properly will end up losing out on vital nutrients. Some have even lost interest in eating altogether, which compounds the nutrient problem.

But when patients replace missing teeth with dental implants or invest in implant supported dentures, chewing is easier and nutrients are more likely to be absorbed.

Dental Implants – an Ideal Solution

Dental implants are playing a vital role in the health of our patients. Those with implants have healthier dentition, as well as stronger facial bone support. They are so strong and stable in the jaw bone that people who have them feel like they’re talking and chewing with their original teeth.

Dentures also replace single or all missing teeth in seniors. However, Denture wearers find it even harder to eat because their dentures can become loose and uncomfortable.

Seniors with worn teeth can use crowns which act as a shield and protect the tooth from further wear and tear.

Smoking and Aging

Even if a person has reached his or her 70s or 80s as a smoker, without facing lung disease or other conditions, it’s still a good idea to quit. Smoking makes a person more likely to suffer from gum disease and other oral health problems, including oral cancer.


As you get older, the need to see a dentist or periodontist on a regular basis increases, not decreases. Keep your teeth and gums in the best shape possible for the rest of your life by working with our dentist.


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