Restore Tooth Dislodgement

Partial tooth dislodgement also known as Dental avulsion often occurs during contact sports, rigorous physical activity and unforeseen accidents. This make the damaged tooth left hanging from the root or dental nerve. This is a very uncomfortable and often painful prospect.

Whether knocked out teeth or partially dislodged teeth, at Innovative Smile we treat it as a dental emergency. We have dentists and oral surgeon for immediate treatment.

First of all they will examine your oral condition and extent of damage to the dislodged tooth. Then they will reinsert and restore your teeth to normal function. A dental splint may be used to keep the inserted tooth in place. In order to deal with the pain a local anaesthetic may be applied.

This emergency treatment enables the tooth to re-grow into position as the gum tissue heals.


Remember : Leaving the condition untreated may result in further damage to the dislodged tooth and other dental structures. There can also be subsequent problems related to infection, dental decay and gum disease.


Dentists often recommend wearing a mouth guard during sports, physical activity involving physical contact and at night if teeth grinding is present. However, if tooth injury occurs by accident a tooth can dislodge without warning, call Dr. Swastik at 9337892362 immediately.

Teeth grinding when occurs for a long period of time can slowly aids in teeth dislodgement. So if you want help read more about our Teeth Grinding Treatment.

Innovative Smile offer different types of mouth guard at very affordable cost. So whether you need for sports purpose or any other, read why and how to use mouth guards.

Attending regular dental check-ups also allows dentists to monitor for early signs of tooth decay, infection and gum disease that may result in bone loss and tooth dislodgement. We organize FREE DENTAL CHECK-UP & AWARENESS CAMPS regularly. Subscribe Now


Children experience partially dislodged milk teeth as their permanent teeth develop. They may also experience dislodgement with newly developed permanent teeth due to oral injury. Having milk teeth monitored and assessed by a dentist helps children to receive dental care for healthy teeth development. Seeking immediate emergency dental care for children with oral injuries will restore tooth structure for healthy oral function.

Children should attend dental appointments as their milk teeth fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth. Doing so helps dentists to address any early signs of abnormal dental structure for treatment.

Innovative Smile provide complete dental care and special oral hygiene products for Kids of all age. So if you want any help consult our pediatric dentistry.

Remember : When a tooth becomes dislodged or partially avulsed it is very distressing. Receiving dental care as soon as possible from an emergency dentist relieves pain, restores dental function and helps to alleviate distress.


There are two main ways in which teeth can become partially dislodged, including:

  • Tooth loosens from the jaw bone
  • Tooth forced into the gum tissue

Both conditions are painful and can require different dental treatments in order to alleviate discomfort and restore the damaged tooth. In some cases, emergency dentists are able to treat both conditions with similar dental procedures. Leaving the problem untreated is detrimental to oral and overall health.


Partial tooth dislodgement ranges from mild to severe. It can include extensive damage to the tooth blood vessels and nerves located within the inner tooth pulp. Infection may set in requiring root canal treatment to restore the tooth root and eliminate infection.

However, the tooth root may need to be replaced by artificial dental implants before a tooth restoration is fitted to replace the missing tooth. Root canal treatment may be used to remove infection from dental pulp before the tooth is restored.

If left untreated an abscess can develop within or around the tooth socket. This can lead to infection spreading to other tooth root canals causing pain and tooth loss. Other health conditions such as heart disease and poor immunity may also result.



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