Covid Safety Precaution


In these very challenging times for all of us, our dentistry must do everything to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our patients, medical staff, and visitors.

*Kindly follow the following steps to ensure safety from the current pandemic:-

1. Register for free.

2. Opt for teleconsultation or telemedicine.

3. Consult the doctor via whatsApp, audio call or video call.

4. Get the medications and advise through digital prescription directly into you are mail ID or the registered mobile number.

5. If very necessary doctor may give you an appointment to visit the clinic which would be conveyed through mail and msg to the mail ID & mobile no. provided by you.

6. At present we are attending only dental emergencies.

7. We request you to come with face mask on your face covering your nose and mouth hand only one attender per patient is allowed.

8. We encourage contactless mode of payment like Paytm, Gpay, PhonePe. At clinic, dental staffs and assistants will assist you from the entrance.

9. Your body temperature will be checked with contactless IR thermometer.

10. Your lungs oxygen capacity will be checked with Digital Pulse Oxymeter.

11. Your hands and belongings will be sanitize with WHO recommended alcohol based hand sanitizer.

12. You will be provided with headcap, foot cover and gloves and will be escorted to the consultation room.

13. On the Dental chair you will be provided with mouthwash to rinse your mouth prior to any procedure.

14. Kindly lower the face mask only when asked to do so or else it should be over your face covering nose and mouth.

15. After examination or procedure re mask yourself and proceed to the reception area.

16. Hand Sanitization will be done.

17. You will be provided with digital prescription (paperless & contactless).

18. Cashless and contactless payment methods are preferred.


  • Dental treatments are prepared in close contact between the patient and the dentist, so we have made special measures in our daily operation too, to minimize the possibility of any infection.
  • We want you to feel safe at our Clinic from the first time of entering the building, until the end of your treatment.
  • In order to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and to protect fellow staff and patients, it is essential to take every precaution to ensure that anyone entering our Clinic feel safe.
  • Therefore, we follow strict Sanitization Protocols in our Clinic and would like to ask you to kindly follow the same during your visit
  • Many people and patients may be worried about going for dental treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.




  • We have initiated taking pre-treatment procedure information online directly in our website (paperless).
  • It includes patient registration form, teleconsultation, book appointment, full procedure information, post-operative instructions etc…
  • Now you can send us your information and chat with our dentist directly about the involved procedure directly through teleconsultation anytime, anywhere.
  • After confirmation you can book appointment date and time which suits you or it will be done by our dentist on priority.
  • This is going to be very useful for old patients and others for making dental procedures contact proff.
  • Specific appointment date and time will avoid crowding at the clinic and will help us to treat patients properly one by one.


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