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Cheerio – Tube of 75g Gel

  • The toothpaste is used to remove plaque and protect tooth enamel
  • It remineralizes the areas of the tooth that have been attacked by acids and bacteria
  • With proper brushing techniques, it will help to prevent cavities at a young age
122.00 16% Off

Vantej Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth, Dentist recommended, Sensitivity Relief toothpaste for everyday use – 100g, white

  • Quick Action on sensitivity
  • Long lasting relief from sensitivity everyday
  • Helps to prevent dental caries
  • Helps to strengthen the teeth enamel
  • Helps in the removal of plaque, debris, and surface stains
  • Refreshing Mint flavour
  • Extra foaming
305.00 5% Off

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